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Welcome to the home of MDFiveCheck (md5check), the .NET compatible MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) checksum validation and generation application. MDFiveCheck runs on any .NET capable operating system, and has been fully tested on Mono for Linux and Windows.

MDFiveCheck is a simple .NET ClickOnce MD5 checker application that can either validate or create an MD5 Checksum for any given file. To install  MDFiveCheck you will require a ClickOnce capable browser (IE6 or better). If you are using Firefox the you should install the Firefox ClickOnce Add-On.

Alternatively you can download a local version directly to your PC Here (Installer Zip) md5: 18bc3a829a7c7ce51d0244419048a116

Many websites make MD5 checksums available so that you can validate files they offer for download on their site. This is particularly useful for validating large files that may get corrupted during a long download.

If you find MDFiveCheck useful in any way then please consider making a donation. Maintaining even a small application and website is still a big job and any contributions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The MDFiveCheck user interface